Your heart races with every step taken, eyes gleaming with happiness, excitement filling you up with every inch that you move closer & finally – feeling of euphoria! And these emotions just keep coming back time & again. Have you ever felt this emotion? I have & that was with my first ever trek to Kalsubai


View enroute
Fog & mist covered mountains (Source: A friend)


At the Kalsubai peak

Kalsubai is the highest peak of the Sahyadris in Maharashtra with an elevation of 1,646 mt & is located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. It was a beautiful Saturday morning that I set out on my first trekking adventure. It was a few years back, but it was like tasting blood & the mountains keep calling me ever since.  This was a monsoon trek & the weather was just awesome with lush green bushes everywhere.  The minute I boarded a train before dawn I knew I was heading for an amazing adventure.  Once we started, the path was mesmerizing with flowing streams & a beautiful landscape around us. Rains lashed us every now & then which seemed like a breath of fresh air.

After a 6 hrs hike uphill, we reached the Kalsubai peak.  I have never felt that kind of happiness before.  Cold breeze, standing on top of a mountain peak and looking down at the valley beneath us – It was pure bliss & a moment of nirvana for me.

(Pictures sourced from a friend who was part of the trek group)