Being a fitness fanatic, I get really happy to try out newer forms of workouts every once in a while. If you’re a regular at the gym, yoga or any other fitness class you will know that your body  plateaus after a while. It will no longer provide you with the results you desire & hence it is very essential to keep changing your fitness routine.

I keep switching between Pilates, Yoga & Zumba. And while I’m at it I also keep looking up for interesting new forms of workouts. And recently found about Krav Maga (which is not my kind of workout) & this really cool Aquaphysical workout. Though aqua aerobics & yoga are not new, this form of workout takes the regular exercises that we do onto an inflatable water board (Aquabase®) in the pool.

It’s really cool where you actually have to use your balancing muscles to balance on the board while working on all your core muscles. It ‘s super challenging & a fun way of enjoying the workout.

Can’t wait for this to come into India.