If you’re not already aware, apart from travel, I am also big time into fitness. I carry my yoga mat mostly everywhere & if I can’t for whatever reason, that still doesn’t stop me from getting my daily dose of fitness.

But did you know apart from exercise what also impacts our healthy lifestyle? Till a few years ago I used to go about my regular dance & fitness routines everyday without realizing it wasn’t helping me much as I did not follow the below routine. This is not something that we already don’t know, but I am sharing it cz’ like me I know there are many out there who are aware still ignore it.

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1)Staying hydrated

So important! It is extremely essential to keep drinking lots of water entire day. It helps your body get rid of toxins & keeps you healthy with good skin. While  working out, you can have small sips of water in intervals to keep going.

2) Warm up & cooling down before & after a workout

You must have noticed how your muscles & body aches and you end up getting twisted muscles during a workout. This happens if you don’t follow a proper warm up before a workout to just stretch those muscles & cooling off of the body after a good workout. Very important, else you’ll do more harm than good for your body.

3) Eating a meal? Time it correctly.

We all tend to make this mistake. So we’ve come back from work and head out to our fitness class and in all this hurry, we end up grabbing a bite just before a workout. Don’t do it. If you have,  you must have noticed how you tend to get nauseated during an intense workout. I’d rather suggest grab a bite while you’re on your way from work. That way you’re keeping a good time gap between your meal and workout.

4) Eating healthy.

So you’re exercising every single day, seven days a week but yet not seeing a desirable change either in our energy levels or physical appearance. That’s probably because you are still indulging in take-aways & restaurant food while also drinking in with friends maybe more than a couple days a week. Of course we all love our food & drinks, but very important to get discipline in our routine. I have started that. I reserve outside food & drinks only for the weekends. This way, my diet consists of home-cooked food and healthy food at that through the week.

Following the above has really made a difference to my life. And I hope by sharing this I am helping you in your fitness journey.

If you’ve got more fitness tips that I can use, would love to hear them in the comments below.

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