Narrow alleyways with buildings from the Romanesque era on either side, pristine beaches, splendid nightlife and of-course breath-taking scenery & did I just forget to mention Game of Thrones. (For all you fans)

A trip to this Adriatic Sea lined country is all this and probably much more.

Having read so much about this astounding country that is lined by the Adriatic Sea, I had to visit it on my Eurotrip. And realizing I would need at least a week to do justice to this country, I managed to squeeze in 6 days in Croatia from my 16 day Euro-trip. And even then I crave to see more.

Flying in from Zurich, I landed in the beautiful city of Split, welcomed by my amazing host from the AirBnB  I was going to stay at.  I was totally enchanted by the vibe of the city.  Since I am more of a slow traveler, where I enjoy exploring one place at time I managed to visit Split, Hvar and Zagreb.

Here’s what  I did on a 6 day trip to Croatia.


Explore the city on a bicycle.

Imagine cycling across the city and coming across hidden beaches en-route. Sounds fun right?  I did just that. Hired a bicycle and rode my way through the city and also the famed Marjan Hill. It’s an uphill ride with beaches around every other turn.  I stopped by at one such beach and enjoyed the vistas and some chilled beer on a sunny, sultry day.

Enjoy authentic Adriatic meals by the dock

Split is lined with amazing restaurants and small joints for that perfect meal where you can enjoy a chilled beer with mouth-watering food, all this overlooking the Split harbor.


Take a day trip to Krka National Park & Sibenik

This is one of my favorite experiences from Split. Not too far from Split is Krka National Park in Sibenik County.  The Krka waterfalls are a series of 7 layered waterfalls and are lined by green forested area on all sides. A walk by the boardwalk will leave you with memories for a lifetime where you will witness species of flora & fauna.  Take a dip in the designated swimming area of the waterfalls and end the visit with chilled beer from the dispenser and mouth-watering pancakes from the stalls.

Don’t forget to visit the old town of Sibenik, the oldest native town of Croatia where the Krka river meets the Adriatic Sea. (More on Sibenik)

So don’t fret if you can’t visit Plitvice National Park, Krka National Park is equally beautiful



Visit the Diocletian’s Palace on a Saturday

This is the famous site where parts of Game of Thrones were filmed. Why I say visit on Saturday? That’s because come evening and the place is a meeting center for all of Split’s locals who enjoy local wines and have a good time.  There’s a wine tour that happens every Saturday in the Diocletian’s Palace which is teeming with local youth enjoying good food & conversations.

Hvar Island

Oh! this by far has been my best stay on an island. Not only did I stay in the most breath-taking AirBnB with a view but also had the best time exploring Hvar at my own pace. There is a ton to do here apart from just lazing around on the shore. (More on Hvar here)




Not always on the travel list, this city had quite a few surprises thrown at me. I decided to spend a day here and was amazed by it. Take a walking tour of the city and you’ll know what I mean.

Visit the Zagreb Cathedral

You cannot miss the Romanesque architecture of Zagreb and this one is iconic. This 12th century cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia and also the most sacral building here.

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Visit Museum of Broken Relationships

if you’re up for it you can drop in at this unique Museum of Broken Relationships where people donate any of their memories from a past relationship.

Tkalciceva Street

Not sure how to pronounce it but this street is a great place to just grab some food and drink and have a relaxed evening.

Meet Locals

The locals here are extremely friendly and helpful.  Right from my host to a girl I met randomly on the street who even hailed a cab for me. The people here are its jewels. You need any information or direction, don’t just depend on Google Maps, go ahead and get some help from Real People.

So this is what I did on my visit to Croatia, though Dubrovnik & Zadar are still on my bucket list. Maybe next time 🙂 A reason for me to head back to this beautiful country.

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