A hip vibe, great food, beautiful by lanes and an inexpensive city. Budapest is all this and much more.

If you’re in the city, hop on to this page for the top things you can do while in the city.

Europe is known to be a country that loves its beer. I was surprised how easy it was to lay my hands on a pint of beer rather than water in the morning. You know you’ll get the best beers /wines across all of Europe. But if you wanna know which is the best place to head for a drink in Budapest? Read on…

Ruin Pubs, abandoned old buildings turned into hip drinking pubs.

These famous pubs located in the old district are built in abandoned buildings and the most famous one being Szimpla Kert. Head out to any of these pubs lined together for an unforgettable and crazy experience with great drinks.

You definitely must visit Szimpla Kert, the mecca of ruin pubs. Apart from this, you can also head to Kerlem, which is more like an open beer garden & Corvin teto, for a view of Budapest’s nightlife from the roof garden.

Enjoy a sunset vista of the Danube

Nothing beats sipping a glass of wine in a yacht amidst the rhythmic flow of the Danube river. The evening lights shine like stars on the neo-renaissance buildings of Budapest. Sip some wine and enjoy conversations under a leisurely evening sky on the Danube

You can book a sunset cruise through http://budapestrivercruise.com/booking or you can also book it on the spot from any of the information centers in the city

Walking tour around the city

So it’s a small city alright. You can pretty much cover the main attractions of the city in 2 days. We ended up walking the lengths & breadths of Budapest, just exploring every nook & corner for the best eateries and pubs in the city. The vibe is happy & relaxed; no one seems to be in a hurry & is enjoying life. And the best part you ask me? Are the friendly people of the city. You ask them for directions, best kept secret spots of Budapest or just some eatery; they will be more than happy to not just direct you there but also help you with more options than you think.

And the icing on the cake is how affordable Budapest is as a European city. So if you want to explore Budapest, it is best you walk around the city & look for places you’d like to explore.

Take a dip in the thermal baths of Budapest

Thermal baths are the natural hot water spring spa baths in Budapest. You can enjoy a relaxed day chilling in the spa baths gulping down local beers. Head to the best & biggest one, Szechenyi Bath or Gellert Thermal Bath. There are more options to choose from but these are the popular ones in Budapest

Walking across the Chain bridge

The Chain bridge spans across the Danube river connecting Buda & Pest, the western & eastern sides of Budapest. Head out to the bridge in the evening and you will be surprised by the spectacular views you get. The entire bridge is lit up and the views are pretty epic too.

Explore the Hungarian countryside with a day trip to Puzsta Great Plains

Take a day away from city life and head on a scenic drive to Kecskemet for a feel of the country life.  Don’t forget to sample the region’s local apricot brandy. You can book this day tour with any of the information centers located in the city or book online on Viator

Shopping in Budapest

The most popular shopping place is the Central Market Hall which is an indoor shopping area where you can buy local produce and the Hungarian famous Tokaji wine, paprika & porcelain. You can also buy souvenirs from Memories of Hungary shop which sells products made by local contemporary artists.

These are just some of the things you can do in Budapest. I’m sure there are loads of more activities to do & vistas to see. If you have any ‘must-dos’ in Budapest, would love to hear them in the comments below. 🙂