Diaries of a Wanderlust

Stories of my experiences while on travel & otherwise!

Work with me

Being the eternal wanderlust, I am constantly in search of newer experiences that make a journey more fulfilling. Trying out activities, local flavors and best kept secrets of a place are my idea of a wholesome travel experience. Being a fitness freak I also enjoy going on long trails. And sharing those experiences with relevant audiences is what this blog is about.

There are multiple ways in which we can collaborate:

  1. Utilize my travel experience through blogging projects
  2. If you’re a company / brand seeking to showcase you product/ service to a wider audience, I’d be glad to review it on my blog and social media platforms
  3. If you’re looking for assistance on travel planning & end-to-end solutions for your travels, I do that through travel consultancy

For queries or suggestions drop me a line at diariesofawanderlust@gmail.com


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